"Thy fingers make early flowers of all things."

Thomas, 19, English/American Literature student at University of Leicester.

caughtinthetideofblossom: im asking how to survive my first year at uni- as a girl from a tiny north wales town the idea is slightly daunting x

I know exactly how you’re feeling lovely, I left a really small cushy village for uni in the city and it’s immensely daunting but honestly a year down the line I still maintain going to uni was the greatest thing I’ve ever done

the main thing with uni is you get out what you put in, as tempting as staying in your room and hiding is, if you go out and go to parties and try new things and speak to everyone then you’ll have such an amazing time, even if it’s just for the first few weeks (freshers) just put yourself out there and really go out of your comfort zone, it’ll benefit you so much! honestly the academic side is so straightforward and easy during your first year it’s not even worth worrying about, just focus on finding your feet and surrounding yourself with good people, once you’ve done that then the rest does just come naturally x

Anonymous: like a ninth grader, going into highschool

oh we don’t really get them in the UK, or at least I’ve never heard of a middle school in the UK generally you’ve got primary school and secondary school

dunno what I’d advise in that case, I was hoping you were on about Uni freshers/freshman haha

youfoundmeunderthestars: Well send it again idiot, made me have to watch countless episodes of gossip girl to get over the fact I miss you that much #cute

god you must really miss me if you’re willing to watch that awful thing… watching MICNYC reminded me how you’re basically a cuter version of Lucy Watson yaaaaah

Anonymous: *sends you a hug via text*


Anonymous: do you have any tips for new freshman?

define ‘freshman’ cos it’s a rarely used term in the UK and I wanna make sure I have the right understanding of it

Anonymous: Ur so cute omg

i try my best

youfoundmeunderthestars: Replying to my texts is clearly your worst thing to do but whatever ;)

I did reply omg :o my phone has been a right prick today tho so I may be at fault this time………..

Anonymous: do you have back hair?


nah it’s like dark brown

i read this as black hair omfg

nah I dont really have a hairy back, it’s all on my chest

youfoundmeunderthestars: No never stop :(

as if I would anyway, hitting on u and making ya swoon is like my fav thing

Anonymous: do you have back hair?

nah it’s like dark brown