"Thy fingers make early flowers of all things."

Thomas, 19, English/American Literature student at University of Leicester.

Anonymous: I hope your brothers ok and either feels better about the break up or sort things out with his ex. Hope your ok as well

Yeah i hope so too lovely, kinda feel really useless not being at home to at least try and help

i feel really stupid being so torn up over the ending of a relationship I wasn’t even part of but the more I think about it the worse I feel about everything

i knew something was up when chris rang me ‘just to check in’ like we never do small talk we don’t just chat and he dropped it in so nonchalantly but when I tried to ask him about it he was like ‘nah I’m not speaking about it’ and now I just feel really helpless and dumb and selfish

Anonymous: Okay, that was my fault. I Shouldnt have said it like that, because I wasn't irritated by him. Im actually into him a little. But do you have any guess of why he is doing that? :/

well maybe he was following you around hoping you’d end up liking him but when nothing happened he assumed you weren’t interested and took his interest elsewhere