"Under love's heavy burden do I sink."

Thomas, 18, English/American Literature student at University of Leicester.

The Best Friend
nigglet: have fun in the city! it's supposed to be in the 60's but god forbid we have some decent weather ;~; unfortunately it's like 34 degrees right now... ): but enough of my whining have lots of fun! (:

yeah the weather took me totally by surprise! it’s not so bad though cos I’ll be walking loads so I doubt I’ll freeze haha, thank you love! x

allnightlong45: Will you Post a selfie? (:

i might do once I get back to the room i dno I’ll see how cute i feel in 20 minutes

Anonymous: Shit you got a nice place to stay. The view out my window is just ugly water towers but the again, I'm like 60 streets bow Central Park

yeee it’s pretty decent, literally adjacent to Radio City and 5 minutes walk from Central Park and Times Square

Anonymous: What the everliving fuck even is your face page. Like, especially the gifs. Is that even legal? (hearteyes emoji would very much fit here yes)

from the first sentence I thought this was gonna be mean but thankfully it wasn’t and now I’m smiling like a goon in the middle of my hotel lobby you’re very very lovely all the smooches for you xxx

American girls i am here your saviour has arrived, no more lanky white boys in socks and sandals and backwards snapbacks xxx

im boreddddd and I’m only gna have internet for a wee while so ask me things while i kill time in the hotel lobby

hearteyes emoji over you